Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am blessed

I mentioned before how much I love this church. Last Sunday was a blessing as far as worship goes. But it was also a blessing for the gifts that people bestowed upon me. This mug was one of them. A 5 year old gave me the package during passing of the peace and it was weird to open it right then, but as any good 5 year old would be, she was super excited to see it and helped me pull the tissue out of the bag and it was perfect. It makes me smile on the inside and out and makes me want to pour a cup of coffee and kneel and send some "knee mail".

I also received this beautifully drawn picture from that same 5 year old. She pulled out her purse and started pulling out a number of objects. I had flashes of my (almost) 3 year old niece and her
purse and could only imagine all the things I would soon see all over the sanctuary floor. But this masterpiece was one of the first and I was so touched--I am the green one am on the right, then J is right next to me and then "all [her] friends" next to her. As soon as she showed it to me my eyes welled up and I almost changed the whole sermon to use that wonderful gesture of love as a teaching/preaching moment.

It's not the gifts that are really important, but it's the amazing outpouring of love and care (expressed through those gifts) that overwhelms me all the time. I sometimes think that struggling in a setting makes you work harder, and less complacent, and drawn into deeper faith. But it's also really nice to be loved on and cared for and to be able to just be with the people without major drama. So I am very grateful for this time!

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