Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How well do you know Pastor Debbie

At the big ordination party my church threw a few weeks ago, there was a quiz on the tables: "how well do you know pastor Debbie?"

Quite frankly, I thought it was hard. There were some questions even I didn't know the answer to. =) I told R he had to get 80% right in order to marry me! =) With me next to him and my parents across from him, he did well...95%!!!

if you're curious about how well you know me, here's the quiz:

What is Pastor Debbie's birth date? On what day of the week was she born?
What were her vital statistics? height? weight? (then not now)
How old was Debbie when she went to church for the first time?
How many siblings? Names?
Names of proud parents who wrote on Debbie's birth announcement: "We're praising the Lord for Debbie's birth and the joys of this special time in our lives." (Amen to that.)
At what age did she roll over and see snow for the first time? (same age, different times?)
Debbie took lessons on this instrument before she could reach the pedals (hint, hint).
What special accessory did Debbie make in Girl Scouts for her mom that she wore for three different occasions?
True or false. Debbie (in her younger years, of courses) would pitch a fit when she would lose at cards or other games.
What did Debbie "birth" for a play in grade school? (She mentioned this in a sermon)
Favorite grade school sport? Favorite junior high sport? Favorite high school sports?
What color nail polish did Debbie wear on her toes and fingernails when she was in high school?
What position did Debbie hold in her high school graduating class as a result of a high GPA?
Name two roles/jobs Debbie had in high school, one of which she still holds responsibility for today.
What high school did Debbie attend? What college? What seminary?
In what second language is Debbie fluent?
Name at least five places outside the United States that Debbie has traveled.
Had she not been a minister, what occupation was Debbie considering?
Names of her two dogs?
Current shoe size?
yes or no: Does Debbie have a Facebook page? How did she get it?
And who is Rick Sperry to her anyhow?
What did Debbie say to the following: "I wish my congregation knew...."?

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David said...

Are you kidding me? You must keep your congregation better informed than your siblings. That is insane. I probably clipped 50% by a whisker