Monday, November 2, 2009

Sermons that tank

Every so often I preach a sermon that tanks. There's just something that totally does not work. Mostly, I am just discouraged that I didn't do more research, or explain something better, or feel like I didn't tie it up well.

I am grateful I don't feel this way every Sunday. I'd probably quit if I did. But every few months I have one of these moments. Sometimes I beat myself up for not doing more work on it. And after a few days of that I realize how unproductive it is and generally just say, "Well, I guess it was time for a bit more humility."

Bombing on a sermon reminds me that I need to take time to study and prayer during the week (not just on the weekend) and that I need to be sure that my sermon is more about God's word and less about my stuff. I suppose I am most disappointed about yesterday's sermon because if I'm fair, it was eisegesis. I think I made the text say what I needed it to say.

As a part of all this, I need to learn to let it go. I have to say my prayer, "Please God, whatever I said that wasn't right, change it around so that people hear what you need them to hear." And then I need to let go. I can't fix it now. I can't take it back. I can only more forward and do better next time.

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John Meunier said...


I admire your honesty here. I've been there, too.

Keep running the race. It is a marathon, not a sprint.