Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding tips

We did it! We are officially married!  (We even got the marriage certificate to prove it!)

Now, after 3 weeks of reflection, there are some things I'm super glad we did and others I wish we had done.  For what it's worth:

Glad we:
  • Hired a quality photographer who did more than just the standard shots
  • Did a photo guest book, putting a face with a name can be hard enough, let alone just trying to remember a person with no photo after years of marriage.
  • Did pictures ahead of time.
  • Had family and friends in for most of the week before the actual wedding, it was great to spend time with them!
  • Took time out for extra fun stuff.  Going to an angels' game, definitely a good plan!

  • Took crazy pictures on the trampoline...not many folks get to do that and it's something fun and memorable. 

  • Took 2 full weeks off (well, I got to anyway, but we got to enjoy Mexico AND camp in the mountains)
  • Wrote as many thank you notes as possible before the wedding. We were VERY blessed and have many notes to write. Knowing most of the "pre" gifts were acknowledged is super helpful. 
  • Got the wedding band Grandma was insistent I have...I love it!
  • Got to dance with the kids at the reception...those were my favorite memories as a child, I hope they are for them too. 
  • Invited lots of people to join the celebration!
  • Included family in the service (wedding party and liturgy)
  • Designed our own liturgy and veered from the beaten path...I wasn't sure how I'd feel not using the traditional words, but I think it came out great!
  • Took the time to take the family shots!
  • had people who were diligent enough to tape cards to gifts so that they didn't get mixed up in the transport.

Wish we had: 
  • blocked more time in advance for pictures--they took longer than I expected. 
  • Planned a longer reception, I was amazed at how little time I had with people
  • Had someone (not the professional) with one of our cameras to take pictures of us with folks in the receiving line. People with cameras took pictures, but I would have appreciated having pictures with the other folks too, and would really like to have been able to send folks those shots.
  • Expressed some expectations more clearly, some folks weren't available for pictures when they needed to be or changed out of formal wear far too early for our expectations and hopes.
  • Made better dinner plans for ourselves the night of the wedding, or gone ahead with room service even though it was pricey rather than R walking MILES to find Denny's and bring dinner back.
  • More time to spend with the folks we invited
  • Pictures of everyone that was there. Despite the picture guestbook, not everyone was photographed, I'm bummed about that.
  • Asked (paid?) someone to take lots of candid and fun shots of all the guests at the reception. The photographer did a great job, but focused on us, not them and again I wish I had more pics of the folks who were there. 
  • More words to express how grateful we are for all those who celebrated with us and make our day wonderful.
  • Been able to actual try the food and eat something! (ok, so we got a 2 bites each, plus one bite of cake, that was it--at least my dad had warned me!)

**I'm sure there are more things, but this what I have in mind for now.

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