Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In other news...

We're having a baby! Yep. I'm pregnant.  It's early still, but as far as we're concerned, May can't come soon enough.  

I'm not sure there's a "good" way to make this announcement online, if there is, would you please share so we know what to do for our next child?  

Long before we were "going public" I started journaling privately about each week of pregnancy, what was new, what was different, what was difficult.  We've known for just about 6 weeks and, to be honest, I have no idea (other than force) how we will survive the next 6+ months of waiting.  

And in this moment, while it feels like there is everything to share, there is oddly a shortage of words and stories in my brain.  

R was of course the first to know. And he was definitely anticipating and waiting for that news. So it wasn't a surprise, but he was super excited (still is actually) and we went out shopping and got him the what to expect books for dads. He's finished it and is either done or close to done with the first year book we also got (they came in a set of three, next is the toddler years).  It's really cute.  For the first couple of weeks, he would keep me up at night talking about the baby and what to do and what he wanted to learn first and how he would want/need help.  

I can't imagine having anything besides an elated partner and though I longed for sleep, I was so thrilled at his enthusiasm and excitement that I wouldn't have traded it for a long winter's slumber.  

We have shared the news with family (excitement there!) and with the church (a mixed bag that lacked enthusiasm at the personnel meeting but got cheering and clapping in worship), and have tried to get a hold of as many friends as possible.  

To date, everything is par for the, nausea, extra "fun" that needn't be explained here unless you're Heather Armstrong and don't write for church folks.  =)


molly said...

Congratulations, Deb! That's wonderful news. And, it's fun for me that we're sharing in this pregnancy journey at the same time. :)

RevMindy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! What exciting news! Your child will be so blessed to have two such loving parents. Lots of love from the 3 of us, Mindy

Meach said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey into parenthood! :)