Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wouldn't it be nice?

"Wouldn't it be wonderful
if Advent came filled with angels and alleluias?

Wouldn't it be perfect
if we were greeted on these December mornings
with a hovering of heavenly hosts
tuning their harps and brushing up on their fa-la-la's?
Wouldn't it be incredible
if their music filled our waking hours
with the promise of peace on earth
and if each Advent night we dreamed of nothing but goodwill?
Wouldn't we be ecstatic
if we could take those angels shopping,
or trim the tree, or have them hold our hands
and dance through our houses decorating?
And oh, how glorious it would be
to sit in church next to an angel
and sing our hark-the-heralds!
What an Advent that would be!
What Christmas spirit we could have!
An angel-filled Advent has so many possibilities!

But in lieu of that,
perhaps we can give thanks
for the good earthy joys we have been given
and for the earthly "angels" that we know
who do such a good job of filling
our Advent with alleluias!
Ann Weems from Kneeling in Bethlehem, p. 16

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