Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So much for that idea

Clearly, the plan of blogging every day in Lent did not pan out the way I had planned.  In the last couple of weeks, I have been exceedingly tired and somehow that does not mesh with setting aside daily time to write.  It probably doesn't mesh with a whole lot of anything, besides lounging around and being lazy, which hasn't really been possible either.  And I'm sure the disciplined among you would simply say that I need to devote myself to the practice or otherwise I could simply make the tired excuse for the rest of my life (especially with a new little one on the way, but whatever). 

I have about 10 ideas for entries in my head right now, so I'll just sit here and type and see how far I get and that'll have to suffice until I get my next bit of down time coupled with a burst of energy.  =)


John Meunier said...

Don't beat yourself up.

When those ideas in your head start to burst out of your ears, the pain will make you sit down and write - just to get rid of them.

johnsue said...

I usually check your blog everyday -- sometimes twice a day. I didn't realize you hadn't posted something new; I thought you decided it was good just to be repeating the same post.


johnsue said...

I disagree with the idea that you are being "lazy"! It takes a great deal of energy and effort to make/build/grow a baby. Plus there is all that you are doing in your regular pastoral duties plus those that you choose to add to your pastoral duties AND you've been sharing your gift of hospitality generously AND preparing the house for a baby and the garden for summer PLUS attending to your missioners and planning teen camp...I'm sure I've overlooked something! Hugs & blessings, Mom