Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Little Weary

I love Christmas! Each year, right after Thanksgiving, I haul out the Christmas decorations and dress up the house. I put up the tree and use my Christmas dishes all year long. This year as I decorated, I thought, "Why don't I keep the decorations up since I love them so much?" But I immediately knew if I did that, they would lose some of their power to transform my home. 

Normally, I get so excited to entertain and create worship services, but this year, something is missing.  Life has been full of changes with the addition of Miss Ruth and the purchase of a new home, and work has been tiring because it has been stressful and some people in the church have done and said some pretty hurtful things. I just don't have the drive.  I wish I did. I wish I had the energy for it, but these days, mostly, I just push myself to do it because I know it needs to be done.  

I'm hoping for a renewal of energy and creativity. 

Dear Lord, please inspire me to lead and love your people this holiday season. Amen.


johnsue said...

Wish I was available to help! My guess is that you will find the efforts well worth it just for your own enjoyment...not to mention the backdrops for Ruth's first Christmas. PLUS, I'm looking forward to enjoying your safe sanctuary of a home! xo Mom

Steve Marshall said...

Sounds like a common theme for us clergy, and those winds sure did not help with coping with all the commitments of the season!