Friday, March 7, 2014

BBQ Sauce

I love cooking from scratch, especially when it's relatively easy.  A few months ago I found this BBQ sauce and have fallen in love with it!  Seriously, it's amazing.  And it's not hard at all.  It makes about a quart and can be stored in the fridge for a couple of weeks. 

It's been great with BBQ ribs and BBQ chicken and pulled pork and tonight we used it for BBQ chicken pizza.  I'd say I used a recipe for the pizza, but really I didn't have enough of the ingredients to say I truly followed the recipe.  So here's my modified recipe. 

I used this dough, which was not the best ever, but was good enough.  I liked the italian seasonings in it and instead of just using salt, I used a garlic salt which added a little extra flavor. 

For the topping, I sauteed about a half cup of diced red onion in 1 tablespoon olive oil.  Added 1 cup chopped cooked chicken and 1/2 cup of the BBQ sauce above.  Once it was heated through I rolled the pizza dough, added the toppings and then added shredded mozzerella on top. 

We cooked it for about 12 minutes at 480 with the last two minutes being on the hot pizza stone.  (It was only the last to minutes because transferring uncooked dough to the hot stone has never worked well for me, so I wait until it's cooked and semi solid before moving it to the hot stone.)

It was awesome and easy and will definitely be making a return appearance. 

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