Sunday, April 6, 2014

Preaching struggles

Sometimes it's hard to write a sermon. Sometimes I lack time to study. Sometimes I lack the drive. Sometimes I find too many things to do instead of preaching.  And sometimes it's a hard text to work with.  Last night as I worked to put words on paper I found I had writers block. So I started here instead:

I’m having a heck of a time trying to make something come from this scripture (John 19:1-16a). I’ve spent more time with it than I have any text in recent months.  And yet, it’s not giving me anything back.  It’s just not working.  Normally as I start to retell a story it comes to life and in that life is Gospel, sometimes satisfying and sometimes unsettling, but the story comes to life. But this story sucks.  It doesn’t inspire. It doesn’t reveal God. It sucks.  At the very least it doesn’t give life.  And maybe somewhere in there there’s hope or good news or something. But it isn’t coming clear to me. 

The manuscript is being revised and finished for worship this morning. Hopefully I will get it posted later today.  May God's Word speak to you today! 

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