Sunday, May 1, 2016

Church (s)hopping lessons: Seeking refuge

Over the years I've had the privilege of working with a lot of people in ministry. ..thousands of people.  Some i know well after working side by side week in and week or,  others I know more loosely through Bible study or a single hospital visit.  Others I know by face or by name,  but don't really know. And some slide in and out of the worship space,  willing not to be seen or noticed. 

From various encounters,  meetings,  and times of counseling, I've learned why people have come to church. 

The reasons include:
Finding a church home
Returning to "roots"
A physical/health crisis
A relationship struggle/crisis
Looking for safe space
Re-imagining one's self/identity
Because it felt like [I] should
To teach [my] kids faith

The list goes on.

The common denominator is

One of the things that has been the biggest blessing to me in visiting churches is being able do what is most comfortable/necessary for me in any given moment.  I appreciate being able to choose (or at least feeling that freedom since I always have a choice) whether or not to stand,  whether or not I sing, and even entering a space or position for personal prayer.

That freedom creates an extra layer of security to simply be and hopefully to encounter God in the midst of worship.

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