Monday, January 29, 2007

simple pleasures

Today as I took my sabbath I got to relish a few of my favorite simple pleasures: coffee on the porch, sweet rolls, laughing without reserve, romantic comedies and it got me thinking of some of my other favorites, for which I need to take more time to enjoy. In no particular order:
1) rocking chairs and porch swings
2) swinging in the park
3) foot massages
4) whipped cream from the can
5) chocolate covered bananas
6) walking with friends
7) puppy kisses
8) laughing so hard I cry and my sides hurt
9) the smell of fabric softener
10) a freshly made bed
11) sparklers
12) campfires
13) waking up and being able to stretch and lounge before getting up to really meet the day
14) the smell of pine trees
15) thunder and rain (especially in the desert with the sage brush)
16) car dancing
17) having a sandwich homemade by someone else
18) getting dressed up for a night out
19) real mail
20) the smell (and energy) of horses
21) dancing
22) falling into freshly fallen snow
23) real hugs
24) listening for God in the breeze
25) lying down and watching the stars
26) fresh biscuits
27) a bath with candles
28) walking in the grass barefoot

I also got to create today, and reminisce, and laugh at my self--it was a really good day

1 comment:

debs-friend-lex said...

i remember your foot massages and hugs and they are some of MY favorite things in life as well. i miss them.
do you remember when lesley stole the can of whipped cream from the dining hall?? it was the most delicious whipped-cream-involved-in-illegal-activity i've ever supped upon.