Sunday, January 28, 2007

word of the day

So ever since I created this blog (as in 6 hours ago) my mind has been racing with all kinds of things I could write about. I had no idea I would be so excited about writing, rambling really, to an unknown audience. I mean, honestly, I could write about how I just spent $6.50 at Kmart and the most expensive item on the receipt was $1.99 hand soap, not the 18 pack of Christmas cards (90% off--woohoo) or the wrapping paper (also 90% off) and how awesome it was to get christmas cards for $.59--for 18 of them, not each, read that right, just $.59 TOTAL!!! That's exciting in my book. Or I could talk about how inconsequential most of my ramblings are, which you have probably figured out by now, so not much more needs to be said on that account. There's a hundred more topics I could muse on, and in the meantime I checked myspace and a friend used the word cassock ,which I had to look up and when I did, I saw that had a word of the day I didn't know: maunder so I clicked it and read the definition and knew--that's me. That's this incessant musing racing through my head. Now I have a word for it!

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Chai said...

you are too cute! i am excited you started blogging! welcome with open arms..