Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gratitude List

A few weeks ago I added another prayer concern to my mother's list. It was a teen from a friend's church who attempted suicide. She said she'd pray of course, and then joked, "you can share happy things with me sometimes too."

So, in an effort to share "more happy things" I made a gratitude list. It's not exhaustive, but it does cover a multitude of things for which I am grateful:

  • worship that is blended
  • Friends in ministry
  • a friend's miraculous healing
  • having half of our active congregation involved in weekly Bible study
  • trust of the church members
  • ability to share with people in the midst of their grief and trials
  • a healthy dating relationship
  • Seeing how much I've grown in setting boundaries
  • good health, specifically weight loss and muscle tone, as well no more back pain and no knee pain
  • ability to finally share on the spot when I'm angry or upset (rather than bottling it up inside)
  • Active church ministries
  • having ministries that matter so much that it warrants conflict
  • having a praying family

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