Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fighting with grace

Aside from the dreamt scenario I wrote about yesterday, fighting (verbally, emotionally, physically) in any situation takes discernment.  I think so anyway.  I'm not the type to fight physically (never have, God willing, never will) and I am not the type to yell and scream, though regrettably, I can pack a mean verbal punch.  Emotionally, politically (in the church), I can fight. And sometimes we are forced to fight, other times we are simply tempted to fight.  

For instance: Someone starts saying slanderous things about you, gossiping throughout the church or community and threatening to ruin your leadership, your reputation, or the respect you have from others.  In some instances, you can fight. In some instances you have to fight.  In other instances, it's best to hold your tongue and ignore the incendiary comments.  "It would depend."  

Often when attacked in the work place it's very tempting to stand up and fight back, to argue that we are in the right, or argue "the truth." It can be particularly tempting to lash out and "put the other person in their place".  And yet, that's often the least productive response.  I learned a few years ago, sometimes it is best to respond with grace, no matter how hard it is, because the truth will come out in the end.  It may not be as immediate of a resolution as we would like, but the truth will come out.  And you will be known for rising above the chaos and handling yourself (and the other person) with respect and dignity.  And that will count for a lot.

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Steve Marshall said...

Sometimes it is only my trust in God that allows for the grace to wait for truth to come out. It is difficult when you are in the midst of the situation not to use all the weapons at your disposal. The psalms remind me that my feelings of being attacked are not unique to me, and God's justice is at work even when I cannot see this.