Saturday, June 23, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude take 2

Obviously I need to work on consistency, but here are some more things for which I give thanks.

11) a super amazing trustee chair
12) finally having the church parsonage rented
13) awesome youth who are willing to help from taking out trash to leading at VBS
14) a husband who is incredibly gifted and always willing to help me
15) fresh fruit from the trees
16) summer squash
17) home-canned fruit
18) homemade jam
19) friends moving closer
20) opportunities to help
21) a nice long nap
22) my family
23) our dogs
24) living in a city with lots of options
25) strength of the faithful in the church
26) a new woman in church who has years of experience in ministry and was more than ready to be a prayer partner
27) new visitors in worship
28) competent and helpful laity
29) the opportunity to overhaul the church nursery
30) a brother in law who is willing to be our on-call doctor

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