Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gratitude list

A friend of mine from seminary has been working on a gratitude list for months now.  I read it and appreciate all the things for which she gives thanks.

Often, in recent weeks (months) I’ve found myself more full of complaints than praises and instead of continuing to wait for the perfect series of events to satisfy my frustrations, I think it’s time I start focusing on the things for which I am grateful.  I’d like to pledge to do 10 or 20 per week, but since I have a hard time getting on here to write anything, that may be a but lofty, but I’ll do what I can….
  1.      A daughter who loves to laugh
  2.    A dog that cuddles when I’m upset
  3.   A husband who is amazing at getting the house clean in record time 
  4.    The gift of being able to nurse my daughter without physical struggles
  5. Church office volunteers who love my daughter and don’t mind when she interrupts their work
  6.  The flexibility to try new things in worship 
  7.   Homemade spaghetti sauce
  8.     Awesome homemade sticky buns
  9.  JW who called for coffee just to catch up
  10. A nice long afternoon walk

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