Monday, April 28, 2008

My new best friend is my new best friend! I read about it on a post on Fidelia's Sisters and tried it out. It is FABULOUS. Basically, you register at Jott and can create a contact list. Then you can call, whenever, and create a memo that will then be emailed to whomever on your list. So, I call and memo myself with sermon ideas, or to do lists or whatever--those bits of inspiration that come when I'm driving down the road and can't write, nor pull-over, nor tell a passenger and so then the idea is gone...but now, there's Jott! I just call 'em up and when I get home the message is in my inbox. I love it! Now, it's transposed by someone and so sometimes they mishear your message or whatever, so you have to do some corrections, but still, it's way better than notes scribbled on your lap or on the dash as you drive down the road at 70mph!

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David said...

Good plan. I may pick it up too. I use evernote on my laptop to keep up with webpages I want to reference, keeping short notes for meetings, etc.
I also love the gmail user interface for "remember the milk"