Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tech suggestions

Quite frankly, I'm not tech savvy. Sure, I can use a computer. I can finesse my way through most major programs or whatever, but am clueless when it comes to programming, debugging, ram, or anything beyond the basics, or maybe an intermediate level of knowledge. That's not just in the realm of computers either, that's in the realm of anything more technological than a coffee pot. Really, I'm functional, but not smooth. As such, I have only sort of entered the 21st century. I've never had a PDA or ipod, or any of the variations thereof. But, this summer, I'm due for a new phone, and I figure that with all the advancements, it's about time to enter this century. So, I'm hoping for a phone with Blue Tooth and one with music capabilities (video is not so essential). But really, I have no idea where to start. I know the chocolates had some problems when they first came out, but after that I know nada. So, if you're the tech savvy type and would like to offer your two cents, I'd appreciate it. Suggestions for types to buy, or those to steer clear of would be great. Fortunately my car is equipped for the latest and greatest and is set for Ipod hook ups and blue tooth right from the steering wheel, so if I get the right thing, hopefully a lot of things will be simpler!

Thanks in advance!

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