Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Litany for Longest Night/Blue Night service

Leader: You promise to hear us when we call.

People: We cry out to you O God from the depths of our pain.

Leader: You promise to comfort those who mourn.

People: Wrap your arms of comfort around us.

Leader: You promise to relieve those who are burdened.

People: Take the weight of this pain, hurt, and anguish from us now.

Leader: You promise redemption and deliverance.

People: Deliver us from evil, from drunkenness, depression, and dismay.

Leader: You promise sustenance through all our days

People: O Sustainer, breathe on us and full our lives with inspiration and hope.

Leader: You promise to be faithful to the end of the age.

A All: trust in you O God, not knowing how or when you will act, but we trust your promises of care, presence, relief, redemption, and sustenance. Honor your Word and lift us up according to your will. Amen.

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