Monday, December 15, 2008

In search of a good man

...or a good housekeeper....either way I think I might be satisfied. I might have poor requirements for a partner these days, my standards are a bit skewed. I've been working crazy hours and have not had a real day of sabbath in over two months. It's been a long fall. I'm normally hyper-vigilant about sabbath, but 4 funerals and 2 weddings and a whole bunch of other stuff have made it nearly impossible.

In the midst of writing papers, planning worship, doing funerals, and attending to *fires* at the church, I've gotten behind on housework etc. I did manage to get the house cleaned and put together for the open house and staff party last week, which was nice, but dishes are back to collecting and laundry is piling up. I hate that. I also hate doing dishes and folding clean laundry so there's no wonder why I let them linger. Don't ask me why, I just do.

So I've decided I need a good man who likes doing those things. I have the feeling he'll probably get fed up with my stacks of papers and laundry piles at some point wondering why on earth I can't simply do these things myself, so maybe we'll just have to do a contract agreement at the outset or something....

I jest, really I do. I have higher aspirations for a partner than those. But I do find myself craving someone else to rely upon and share responsibilities, laments, and joys with. I want us-ness--apparently a common theme for me this year.

I'm not sure what provokes my longing for a relationship, but it seems to be strong these days. Not strong enough to change my actual circumstances mind you, but strong none-the-less. I miss the cuddling, the talking, the laughter, the sharedness of life bit. Maybe one of these days I'll meet someone not from my church, who's a faithful disciple, who shares interests and passions like mine.

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