Sunday, December 21, 2008

The return of sabbath

It's been months since I've taken a true sabbath. Between 2 weddings, 4 funerals, ordination papers, and open house, and Advent preparations, I just haven't had sabbath. I had to reconcile with that fact weeks ago so I would stop resenting people for having needs that happened to land on my sabbath, but it's still been a strain.

Friday of this week, however, I got a true sabbath. It wasn't anything mind-blowing, just a morning I got to sleep in, a nice breakfast, some TV, a walk with a good friend, my recliner, and a good book, but it was nice.

But the best part of sabbath wasn't the sabbath itself, it was the was the bursts of creativity that flooded my mind, it was the abundant thanksgiving pouring out of my heart, it was the praise songs that insisted on being sung, it was the continuous laughter throughout the day, and a willingness to go play and do stuff I wanted to do even when there was work to do.

Last night I crawled into bed, ready to sleep and it hit my....sermon inspiration. I used to get these all the time, right at the moment of falling asleep my mind would start reeling with a sermon. I've made the mistake of thinking the inspiration would still be there in the morning, only to be sorely disappointed, so I've learned to heed the spirit, even if I'm tired. So, I rolled over, turned on the light, grabbed my journal (which I had handy since I had expected that to happen last night) and kept thinking, "I will be grateful for this later!" And I am.

I am grateful for a time of rest, a time with friends, and a time of creativity. I am grateful for the solid reminder of why I(used to) hold to sabbath so tightly and how life-giving it is for me!

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