Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Fight of Depression

Gray Murky Mud
straw sipping breaths
dark blanket weighted
sleepy dreary loneliness
missing hug
no welcoming voice
frustrated tears
missed friends
wishing for something different
I want the old days
De Neve
Loving people
Busyness to avoid the sadness
I know it ends
and yet in its midst
the darkness and sadness seem endless
is there a light at the end of this blurry
misty, suffocating tunnel?

1 comment:

johnsue said...

So why did you pull out the depression one? I saw Shauna Anderson White, Sheila and Granna today. Granna is moving to New Mexico with Michelle. S & S were here to help with the yard sale and packing. I picked up a couple things for you and Shauna chose one too...can't wait to show you : )
Hugs, mom