Friday, March 13, 2009

For our leaders

Lord God, I pray for those who lead--those who are administrators, financial decision makers, government officials, sports authorities, teachers, presidents, pastors, community leaders, and community organizers.

I pray for those who lead in unhealthy ways--God, I pray that they might find you and draw near to you--recognizing their power and influence.

For those who lead gangs, prostitution rings, the mob, the mafia, drug cartells, and drug dealers--those who betray people, hurt them, use them, and abuse them--change their hearts O God. Help them see how much good can be done, ,how much hope can be shared, adn how much better life is when we turn it over to you.

Be particularly with those who lead our churches. Help them to be prophetic, to live with integrity, to live a life worth imitating. Free them from temptation and sin that they might be honored leaders in their community and that they might have the best impact possible on the people they lead.

Guide each of us O Lord. Help us to be faithful and humble. Defeat our pride. Guide our steps and help us to live the example you have given us in Jesus.


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Tennessee Methodist Man said...

This such a blessing. Thank you. I pray for you as you lead and guide. Congrats again Elder Camphouse!