Friday, March 26, 2010

Back from the land of no-time-to-write

So, apparently my plan to post daily through Lent hasn't quite worked out.  I  wish it had, because blogging is really cathartic for me. And lately there's been a lot to cathart.  =)  I would say that while planning  a wedding while doing Advent and Christmas might have been one of my worst ideas, planning a wedding while also planning for and taking 23 missioners to the Gulf Coast and working on the biggest single event in your church's history, and planning summer camp (yeah...somewhere on the far back corner) AND planning a wedding all at the same time, is just about as ridiculous and insanely busy. 

Not to mention having various folks in the hospital, a family crisis, SPRC concerns, a few come to Jesus meetings, and general church work to do.  So when I don't post, know that it's because life is NUTS right now and many days it feels like there's hardly time to breathe....but more and more is coming into order for all of those things and with every task accomplished there is a little more breathing space and a little less stress. 

I'm gonna try not to ramble here, but to chunk my thoughts into coherent posts on a single issue or topic.  So, look for more writing in the next few days as I catch up on the happenings around here.

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