Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Basic Instructions for Leading worship

Last night I met with my new (and 2 old) worship leaders to do some training and instruction.  These were the basic tips we went over:
·        Review materials (bulletin, scripture, prayer requests, announcements) before you start speaking
·        Plan ahead what you will say
·        Read scriptures ahead of time. Don’t be afraid to ask about pronunciation
o   For difficult names/cities, practice
o   Speak with confidence (remember, if you don’t know how to say it, most people won’t either, so just go with confidence!)
·        Speak clearly and enunciate
·        Bring something to write on or with (don’t simply rely on memory)
·        Speak with boldness and confidence
·        Don’t apologize or discredit yourself 
·        Remember God is a part of worship—all parts of it!
·        Remember we are all part of the body of Christ—when one member hurts, we all hurt, even if a need/concern has been heard before, it is important that we acknowledge the pain/trial of a sister/brother in Christ
·        As often as possible, acknowledge people by name
·        If someone is soft spoken, repeat what they have shared. 
·        Organize prayer concerns and announcements by theme before you get up to share them…try to think of either moving up or down emotionally (highs to lows, or vice versa)

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