Monday, March 15, 2010


We have been fasting throughout Lent.  At home, R and I have been fasting from TV.  Through the church devotional, I've been fasting from all kinds of things...

today is running water.  Before I got up and read the devo, I had dreams of laundry and dishes and cleaning the house.  Those plans were immediately limited when I read and realized I would have to make due today with only a few pots of water.  Only a few pots for drinking water, for cooking water, for handwashing.  No shower. No laundry.  No watering the garden. These things aren't huge. They aren't impossible.  But you'd be amazed how often you use running water throughout the day. 

When nature calls
to brush your teeth
to wash your hands
to rinse the dishes
to give the dogs water
to water the lawn
to wipe the counters
to shower
to do laundry

and the list goes on. 

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johnsue said...

I started at the beginning of the booklet and am doubling up so I'm not on the same page as you (that is assuming that I could ever be on the same page as you are - lol!) Can't wait for the water one to come along... I VERY MUCH appreciate this devotional booklet! (AND, now that I'm thinking about it I'm really thirsty!)