Sunday, January 6, 2013

Preserved Lemons

 A little over a month ago, I read this post about preserved lemons.  While they didn't sound delicious, they looked pretty, and with 11 or so lemon trees in the orchard, we have an abundance.  So, I decided I would try the recipe.  I made 6 jars and gave 5 away, keeping one for us.  The hardest part is the waiting. You have to wait 4 weeks for them to process.  Talk about delayed gratification!

Well, this weekend marked the 4 week mark, meaning they were ready to try.  I had handed them out to cooks I know who I thought would appreciate them, cooks who I also thought would be forgiving if they were the worst cooking experiment ever.  

I tentatively opened the jar yesterday (fearing that no heated processing would leave us with a foul mess) and was delighted to take a whiff and smell only lemons (listerine-like lemons, but lemons none the less).  I cut off a little piece and enjoyed it.  I won't go eating the whole jar full, but I enjoyed it.  

I decided we would try the lemon fettuccine (only we don't have fettuccine on hand, so we used some other random type of pasta).  I followed the recipe and left out the parsley (I'm not a fan). And it was DIVINE!! I absolutely loved it!  It helps that roasted garlic is nearly unbeatable in my book, but it was all good. The lemon was present, but not overwhelming.  And somehow the preserved lemons were less sour? bitter? something than other lemon pasta recipes we've tried.  

I am looking forward to trying the preserved lemon bruchetta and the preserved lemon couscous

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