Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A little like normal

It was July 1st that I started at the new church.  The first two weeks seemed a bit slow and like I was always looking for something to do.  The next few weeks were incredibly fast-paced and I felt like I was never catching up!  And, as part of and in addition to the whirlwind of responsibilities, get-togethers, and one on ones, was the lingo of new ministries, events and activities of which I had no clue: wet and wacky, bike and build, fiddles, viddles and wine, and more...they were ministries that were known to the staff and the church community. All anyone had to do was speak the name of a group or event and everyone, except me, seemed to know the mass of information related to it--when it happened, who it was for, who was in charge, who helped, etc.  And there I sat, wondering what it was, when it was, who was connected and what, if any, responsibility I might have with said group or ministry. 

 Never afraid to ask a question, I would chime in with "what is that?" and be offered an explanation.  This routine continued each week at staff meeting for the majority of the summer until this one day late in August when finally the words and terms were not foreign.  I now, at least, had a concept of what the event was, when it was, who it was for, and how I might be tied in as the pastor.  

That may not seem like a big deal. It may feel pretty mundane to you the reader, but to me, the one sorting through a 1000 different "new things" in the midst of a pastoral transition, feeling a little less lost helped me feel a little more normal and that was a gift of grace for which I give great thanks. 

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Between the Lines said...

Good stuff. Nice to read your words.