Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back from Hiatus (maybe)

I was looking at my blog the other day searching for a former post and realized it had been months since I last posted.  I sort of fell of the face of the earth as we tied things up at my last appointment and transitioned to life and ministry in a new town with new people.

Change and transition are hard.  Most anyone will tell you that, and it has been no exception for us (even though we are people who like to bring and experience change).  In the transition things are busy and it's hard to find time to write.  It's also emotional and there's the inclination to purge emotionally posting about anything and everything, which isn't a practice I advocate in general. So, instead, in many ways I've held my tongue.

As I get adjusted and things begin to balance, I find myself wanting to reflect and write.  And I am drawn back to this venue to do just that.  So, here is my first step.  We'll see if I can keep up the discipline for more.