Monday, August 1, 2016

Let the Primer Dry

Over the last couple of months, I have been learning to re-do furniture with a fresh, fun look.  

I’ve done a chair, a book shelf, a lamp, a dresser, and a desk.  I’ve been spray painting to try and get a smoother finish.  

Along the way, I’ve learned various tips and tricks for a more successful project.  One that I learned when painting the desk was to make sure the primer dries before trying to apply the final color.  

This is what happened when I didn’t wait long enough.  The original color was green. The primer was white. The final color was orange.  As you can see the primer covered the green, but when I tried to apply the orange, it mixed with the white.  it wasn’t dry yet.  

If you are into a DIY project, you can take that tip and stop reading. If you’re into life lessons, leadership, pastoring, or thinking theologically, then you might want to read on. 

The primer issue made me reflect on my new beginning at my church.  There are lots of dangers and risks in leadership and not letting the primer dry (so to speak) is one of them. Often we get things ready and then apply the first coat. But in our haste to see/have a finished product, we often rush the process.  Sometimes we skip steps and sometimes we rush through them not allowing the proper time before beginning the next.  

As I venture into new beginnings at a new church, I know there is and will be a lot of excitement. There will be things that need to be cleaned, others that need to be repaired, others that need a fresh coat, and probably a few that just need to be thrown out.  In the midst of all of it, I need to regularly remind myself to let the primer dry.  

I may want to see results quickly, but I also need to make sure I allow the appropriate and necessary time before moving onto the next step.  

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