Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm getting my own church!

I've gotta be honest here, it regularly blows my mind that the cabinet decided to give me, the youngest (clergy) member of the annual conference, a senior pastorate. But they did, and so now I'm packing and planning and turning my life upside down so I can make a move.

In the last couple of days I've had a lot of exchanges with the Senior pastor trying to make sure i have my head in the game (so to speak). I learned of my appointment months ago, but only had a handful of questions, now that the time is immanent, I have a zillion!!

I'm fortunate that he's worked on the website (because if I were in charge, it would not happen, not for a year or something before I could take a class, or two, or three). **Note, if you are in seminary, take the time to take a web design course (even if it's just auditing it). You will greatly benefit from it. It would be nice to believe that there will be sufficient techies in your church to cover that ministry, but don't bet your paycheck. Take the class, learn the basics, then you can do updates, new pages, or a completely new site.

Trouble is, the web address isn't super simple and easy to remember (it's one of the gbgm ones) and it's not accessed enough, so it's on the last pages of any search. So, we have low visibility with anyone trying to find a church. So, if you have a free minute, take the time to click our site so we can start moving up in the world!

Here's to new beginnings!

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TN Rambler said...

Re: the web address. You could go to a registrar like and register a more "user friendly" web address. The cost is not that great. You could then post your more "user friendly" address to the gbgm one.