Friday, July 4, 2008

Back online...

Well, I am moved in. The rooms (except the kitchen, but including the living room/dining room, bathroom, hallway, and three bedrooms) are painted. Most of the furniture is in place. Most of the boxes are unpacked. The kitchen is use-able. The yard is coming along (thanks to my parents) with hope for more help tomorrow from church members. And my house feels like a home. It's a nice feeling.

Today my dad and I went to the church and put books on the shelf and put altar decorations away and knick knacks on the shelf, so now my office feels like it's mine and I can have people come in for meetings or questions or whatever and the desk is cleared off and there's sitting space in the corner (thanks to my brother's hand-me-downs). And life is good.

The poor cable guy was here on Wednesday and after he struggled for hours with the router connection and had to replace the DVR, I now have cable and internet with a landline to follow once I return from vacation.

I have a few musings to share at some point, but they're not forthcoming right now. So I will hold off on that for now.

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