Friday, July 18, 2008

The Parsongage

The parsonage has been a mixed bag--I think that's written into parsonage law somewhere....that's what I hear anyway. It is a huge house (4 bedrooms) which is far more space than I will ever need as a single woman, but have no fear, I've managed to find ways to fill it up creating two guest rooms and an office with the extra rooms. It has beautiful wood floors, which I have always coveted (that is until I got them and had two dogs who shed like they want to go bald and make me a cleaning lunatic to get rid of the dog hair). There's a fenced backyard, which, after a lot of clean-up, is great for the dogs and I can almost walk barefoot around.

Upon arrival we painted 3 bedrooms, the hall, a bathroom and the dining/living room. While I was on vacation I got a new kitchen floor and counter tops, so now I can paint the kitchen and pantry, and then all that's left is the back bathroom which is toilet-less and needs lots of help. Each brush stroke of paint has made it feel more like
my home, and that's a nice feeling. I still have too many boxes to unpack and more painting than I want at this point, but hopefully it will all come together soon and I can breathe a sign of relief.

Here are a few pics so you can see just how far we've come...

This is the dining/living room space with a view into the kitchen. The periwinkle blue is the color I couldn't handle, the mocha on the right is for the living room space and you can see the almond color coming along for the dining room area. (Hi Mom!)

This is guest bedroom number one. The walls to the let were all wood paneling--not my favorite. So we painted it! My SPRC chair claims the colors are kitchen worthy, not bedroom worthy, but I like 'em. (Except the parts that peeled when we took the tape off. There are touch-ups to do, but with company coming to town and church folks coming over next week I figured I better put the room together, more or less, and do the touch ups when time allows). I caved and bought the bedspreads I had seen 2 weeks ago. They were full price, but I couldn't resist, so now they're mine.

Can we say avoidance?! This is theoretically the office and project room. It is also the room with the most boxes that have yet to be unpacked. It is also the room I find every excuse in the book not to work on. I know it just needs to get done, but man am I tired of unpacking boxes and finding a place to put things.

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