Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life is good!

This week I am on vacation in Virginia visiting my best friend from seminary, her husband, and my two goddaughters. I have to admit that it is a very odd time to take vacation since I just took a new church a week ago, but I was scheduled to help with delivery of baby #2 and there weren't really two ways around that--except that she was breech and had to be delivered by c-section and came early. But by then the trip was planned, ticket purchased, and vacation time requested. And (wo)man is it nice.

I feel guilty for sleeping 8-9 hours a night and taking a nap in the daytime since I am officially here to "help" and I can't be much help when I'm catching z's. But I have made my offer to help day or night, even if it means waking me up, clear and so I know that if I'm really needed that they'll come and get me. Otherwise, it's catching up on some much needed sleep. Not being neurotic about unpacking boxes, painting walls, meeting new folks, and figuring out church business. And enjoying time with beloved friends. It's also snuggling with a precious newborn or playing and laughing with a toddler.

I have done more emailing and message checking and calls to the office than I would normally deem permissable for vacation time, but it's a really awkward time to be away and it's hard to make a good first impression when you're 3000 miles away.

So, I submit to work desires here and there and enjoy the time away and the extra hours of sleep and trust that when I officially return to work that I will indeed be refreshed and restored.

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