Monday, February 22, 2010

Set backs

We've been fundraising for our Katrina mission for months. We've worked hard and done a lot. We have a BIG concert scheduled for May 9th and after various trials and frustrations, we signed with the bands and paid the (non-refundable) deposit.  

Planning an event like this (as a small church...?) is a headache.  Can I just say that?! It's a royal pain.  And it's tricky and complicated. The bands want venue info before they'll move and the venue wants band info before they will.  Talk about a pickle.  But we were making progress!

"Were" being the operative word.  The venue we've been planning on and working with backed out.  That was not helpful.  We've paid $4000 out of $15000 and need to start MAJOR publicity and ticket sales within the next 2 weeks (or say, last week...).  It was the kind of news that made me want to throw in the towel.  How are we supposed to find a venue that seats 3000-5000+ people in less than a week?  

I was ready to quit.  Bite the bullet on the $4000 and just quit. At first, R argued with me and said we could do it. And when I pushed harder he said "Ok, let's quit."  What?!  I was stunned.  It was one of those "chicken or steak" moments.  (You know, when you're at a restaurant debating between chicken or steak and ask someone which one you want and they say "chicken" and you think to yourself, "no, actually I want steak.")  It was one of those moments.  He said ok and what I realized was I wanted him to argue and say "No, God will help us make this happen." 

I have no idea what will happen this week, but I am praying God will indeed make this work. I pray it's one of those God-sized miracles where we will only be able to say, "God did this. It wasn't us.  We were struggling.  God did this."  

Please pray for us, we need a lot of pieces to come together in not much time.  And this event (and the proceeds) is not for us (though I am sure we will learn a lot and be blessed by it), it's to help those still recovery 5 1/2 years after the initial devastation of Hurricane Katrina. 

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