Friday, February 26, 2010

Thank you notes

I've said it before, thank you notes are a saving grace.  They form a connection with people like none other, they are simple, straightforward, fairly cheap, and easy.  They do wonders.  It personalizes the relationship and helps people know you appreciate them (enough to take the time and energy to write a note).  

But they are also a saving grace to receive.  The other day was rough.  People were upset that I hadn't done certain things and I was frustrated and stretched, exhausted and worn out and was not digging work.  I went to church for an evening meeting, basically in tears, and looked through my box and found a note.  It was a thank you note.  It was from someone I had counseled (and you could say I failed her the first time I counseled her by offering too much input and not enough of a listening ear) and have been praying for and talking with through a very rough situation.  Well, things are looking up and she dropped a note to say "thank you" and it made my night!  

Really, it was just the dose of encouragement I needed.  It was the reminder of why I do what I do and why it is the best job on earth!! 

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