Friday, April 2, 2010


Last week I wrote about the drama that has been involved in planning our May 8th concert.  The latest was a production company who priced themselves out of the game and left us stranded just weeks from the event.  Well, we got to work and made many calls and sent some emails and the response was great.  It made me appreciate the Methodist system, I had emails from at least 8 different people offering options and places to go and referrals to companies they had worked with.

The one that panned out?  A local guy who does the city's major Christmas festival.  He's been amazing to work with.  He's earnest. He's reasonable.  He works hard.  He goes above and beyond.  It has been a blessing. Last week I was NOT so grateful that we were starting all over on this part of the planning.  This week I am so grateful we have somebody who gets our larger mission on board!

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