Saturday, April 3, 2010

Making people cry

I think I might be a bit twisted.  Last night I hosted the stations of the cross for my church and our neighbor Arlington UMC.  We had just over 40 people I think.  And I couldn't help but feel satisfied when people walked away crying.  I know. It's weird.  That's why I started with, "I think I might be a bit twisted."  

I'm not sure I want to say, "I like it when people cry."  It's not like I try to make people cry at every turn.  And I definitely don't like tears because someone has been deeply wounded.  But in general, I'm good with tears.  When I'm ministering to someone tears give me a good read on the person.  I used to hate dealing with people who were grieving in the hospital but wouldn't cry. The stolid folks made me nervous. (On occasion they still do, but not to the degree that they used to).  But the criers, I could work with them. I knew how to comfort them and care for them.  I didn't worry that they were shutting me out.  Instead I just got to be a caregiver.  

Last night's pleasure was similar, but probably at least a little bit different.  Last night's pleasure at seeing people cry was more related to the fact that their tears (at least in my mind) meant that had been touched by the stations...more importantly, that they had been touched by what Christ did for them, for each of us.  

I had one woman come up to me and just fall into me as she wept.  She said a number of things that were hard to decipher between sobs, but mostly I just held her and then I heard..."he really loves me doesn't he?"  Yes, he does.  Score one for the gospel coming alive and hitting home! 

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John Meunier said...

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your story.