Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Practicing balance

So, now that I've written about how hard it is to maintain the balance, I will attempt to do it. I have a fax to send a couple of emails to send and  a fax to send, and then the plan is to take the rest of the day to restore balance to my soul.  These last few weeks have been extra full and have not allowed for my regular sabbath practices. So I am tired. I've been more emotional, more edgy, and much less patient and it's time for there to be some balance again.  R did a TON of work at the house yesterday. He cleaned, did laundry, washed dishes, and put stuff away, which will help me be able to simply relax and not worry about doing all of those things myself.

We bought extra plants for the garden yesterday since some seeds aren't sprouting, so I'm going to plant those. I hope to journal (and maybe blog) some more.  

I mean even brave the threshold of the quilting room and try and get some things done in there too.  

That is, of course, hoping there are not hospital calls...

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