Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A little perspective

I'm a working mom.  And admittedly, I am a working mom with incredible privilege.  Being a parent in general requires a lot of juggling of schedules, of activities, of priorities. Any parent can tell you it doesn't just happen simply.  

If you're single, enjoy your singleness. Enjoy your freedom to do what you want when you want, to stay up late, or sleep in, or spend the day snuggled on the couch watching movies or Law & Order reruns.  Enjoy it. Married life is great, and so are kids, but it's not like being single.  I do not resent my husband or my child. I regret not appreciating the luxuries I had as a single person.  And now I'm learning to live differently.

Anyway, back to being a working mom.  I struggle with night meetings and some of the demands of ministry. Demands that take me away from meals, or require extra long days, but those are a simple price to pay for the flexibility I have as a pastor.  That's the privileged part.  I have the luxury of choosing to work from home or the office and even of taking my daughter to work.  That's a tremendous privilege.  A luxury even.  I know there are tons of moms (and dads) who would kill for that kind of opportunity, who would love to have intermittent time throughout the day with their child(ren) instead of being gone from 9-5 or 7-7 or 6-4 and then again from 7-11 or whatever hours they may have to work.

Well shoot, after writing all of that, I hardly have a place for a valid complaint. Maybe I just needed a little perspective.  Maybe I needed to remind myself of all that is worth relishing in these times rather than lamenting that which is frustrating or tiresome.  I knew blogging was good for something!  Perspective and self-reflection.  

Thank you blog-o-sphere for helping me realize the blessing of my busyness.  Today I will relish it. Tomorrow I may get worn down all over again. But today, I will be grateful. 

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