Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Taste of the Twos

Ruth is 2.5 months shy of 2.  She's a great kid.  We often talk about how easy she is and how she's such a good kid she could lull us into having another one only to have #2 be a terror.  Though she does have her moments.  I often say, "She happy and easy except when she's not."  That's been the case anyway.

Two weeks ago we went to Mexico and she had a great time, but didn't sleep soundly and got sick at the end. So she we came back sick and tired.  Last week she was feverish and sick and all out of sorts.  On those days we seek extra patience and compassion as we understand she's tired and doesn't feel well. 

This week she's mostly well and is sleeping soundly through the night again. She's also melting down a couple times a day.  My childhood psychology class is a decade past now, so my memory is foggy. But I do remember that part of the reason the 2s are "terrible" is because a child develops so much so fast that they have trouble computing it all and keeping up with their development without getting exhausted. I know that in my head and it makes breathing through the drawn out tantrums a bit easier, but they are still frustrating.

I can easily imagine parents who didn't have a good example in their own parents and don't know a lick about psychology or development coming to their wits end quickly.  I'm grateful I have all of that to pull on.

If you're struggling with a tantrumming toddler, know that it doesn't last forever, it does get better, and they themselves often don't fully understand why they're upset.

and now I'm off to attend to my own screaming child.

Buena suerte!

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