Friday, March 4, 2016

God in the waiting

They say God is in everything. So I have to believe God is also in the waiting. Mostly I try to convince myself that God is in the waiting.  It's not obvious to me because the waiting seems's vacant of the next thing.  Waiting seems to provoke anxiety. There's anticipation,  which may be good or may be bad, but either way there's an expectancy that's focused on the next thing. ..not this thing.  And somehow all of that makes it hard for me to sense God. I believe God is there. ..that makes sense to me,  at least in my head. But I'm still left waiting. ..waiting to feel God...waiting to see God at work. ..waiting for the assurance that my faith wasn't in vain. And let's just say it's not my favorite thing.  I like the doing.  I like checking the boxes.  I like the accomplishing. But here I am in the waiting.  Waiting demands trust. ..and so it is that God is growing my faith and teaching me to trust more fully. 

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