Thursday, March 3, 2016


During Lent this year,  I'm fasting from Facebook. I found myself checking in on Facebook and checking out from the present all too often. So I decided that I would fast from Facebook and whenever I felt the urge to scroll through my newsfeed,  I would pray.

It's been a really great gift.  I find myself more present and engaged in people and relationships.  I've also checked in on Sundays (a.k.a. "mini Easter") and posted quotes, pictures of the kids,  and about worship.  And I've invited people to message me their prayer requests. So then during the week,  when I think "I should check Facebook" I remind myself instead to pray for those who've asked. 

Tonight,  I thought,  "I should just go on." And then I thought,  "No, you should pray." I wondered what compels me so strongly to read Facebook and I thought,  it's a desire to have an outlet.  I want a place to disconnect from reality and be free of present circumstances or worries. I can ansent-mindedly scroll and pretend like I've "done" something.  But it's not what my heart really needs.  And this fast is a regular reminder of that.

What my heart needs is God. If I'm  lonely,  if I'm hurting,  if I want to check out. ..I need God. And so, through this fast, I check in with God instead of Facebook, praying for my true needs to be met and praying for all those who are on my heart. 

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