Thursday, April 5, 2007

Call me a cynic

Yesterday I went to the Youth Network meeting for area youth pastors. I have been going off and on now for just over a month. They are a good group of folks, but most of the time I feel like an outsider. I don't get the jokes or know the inside story. I am there, but not really a part of things. I have been inclined not to go back, but also think it's a good exercise for me in helping me to understand how visitors feel when they come to church or to youth group.

Anyway, yesterday they had invited two guests--publicity folks for "Left Behind: the PC game". I have to say I started out leery because I had received emails a few months back highlighting the pitfalls of the game. After an hour of presentation I was only mildly less cynical. I will say that you get more points/power whatever for praying regularly--that is a plus, and you can regress if you make a bad decision (like killing people). Those are lessons I can applaud. But I am still concerned about simplifying one's spiritual life. The more people you convert, the more powerful you are....the good people look like Johnny from down the street and the "bad" people have tatoos, goatees, and a shaved head. That's not profiling.... I don't know, maybe I'm too "hard-hearted", but I also was not impressed by the fact that Focus on the Family and Pat Robertson's son endorsed the game. Call me crazy but they aren't exactly the folks I look to for my spiritual compass. They did give me a sample of the game, so I can play it and see for myself, though not being a "gamer" I am likely to lose--a lot. Anyone out there tested it for themselves? Any thoughts?

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