Monday, April 23, 2007

La Chillona

I think with my limited blogging as of late I have failed to mention that I got a dog. She is a cavalier and she is a spoiled brat. (*For the record, I was not the one who spoiled her, I have only had her a month and she is 8 years old). She has some abandoment issues, and as such thinks anytime I leave her, it will be forever. There are lots of good things about her, she is sweet, mellow, house trained, and very amicable in making new acquaintances. She is actually a perfect church dog, even with my youth, she is great. Part of it is that she is 3/4 deaf, so she doesn't hear everything to be distracted by it. But if I could get her to be a little less clingy, we'd be golden. For instance, this morning I at my brother's house and had his dog with me on the couch and he had my "idget" on the chair with him. Well, she just whinned and whinned and then finally he moved her to make her more comfortable and she made a bee-line across the chair over the arm of the couch so she could snuggle next to me. Yep, she's a bit spoiled. (Oh yeah, and she's we also have a diet plan, few treats, and lots of exercise). But she's mine, and she thinks I'm the cats we fair alright.

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