Saturday, August 30, 2008

Graffit Woes

This is the kind of fun you will see on our sidewalks around the church. It's becoming more rampant as the days go by. And seriously, it bugs me. On a brick wall here and there, I can get over it, on the ground right outside the sanctuary--you're working my nerves.

On the sidewalk right outside the office there's a lot of it. All three of these pictures came from there actually. And to be honest, and pardon my language) it's like a pissing contest. Each of these, plus one other are all within 4 feet of each other. My dogs do this when we walk, they smell someone else's mark and then feel compelled to leave their own.

I was not raised in the city and graffiti was a relatively minor problem up in mule country. I do not understand gang culture or graffiti culture (supposing they might be different) and so really I can't interpret this primal negotiation of territory, which really just makes it even more frustrating.

I also have no clue about how to stop it. It's no wonder people get fed up and short tempered. It's a constant battle and is seemingly meaningless.

What gives?

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