Friday, August 15, 2008

My own Joy Fuller doll

The theme this year at Annual Conference was "the cup overflowing with joy". Part of the celebration and invitation to joy included very funny skits done by one of our clergy who used to be a stand up comic. She came out as a very eccentric "Joy Fuller" talk show host. She wasn't just "joyful" she was "joy fuller". Part of what she did included making a nativity scene out of toilet paper rolls. She also added one of the bishop and one of herself. Later in the weekend someone added a whole entourage to the bunch. Well, when we got back to the church (well, rather, after I moved to the new church), our annual conference delegates gave a report and part of their report was on the theme and Joy Fuller, at which point I received my own joy fuller doll....dressed to match me in my vestments, and even with highlights in her hair "as a suggestion for what [I] could do with [mine]". It was pretty hilarious. I laughed so hard I cried, or maybe I laughed and didn't know if I should cry....anyway, here she is.

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