Thursday, August 14, 2008

worship Mosaic

In talking about the woman at the well, one of the days we talked about true worship. We studied the passage where Jesus says there will come a day when you worship neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem and those who worship the Father worship in spirit and in truth. I preached that night and as part of the worship service we created a fabric mosaic. I used Batik fabric and each print represented a different aspect of worship and then the youth picked a fabric and placed in around the cross (the center of our worship). It represents how worship is something we do, not something presented to us, and it is different every time based on who is present and how they contribute. While we were up there I sewed it together and then we added it to our worship space.

I had planned to use batting and then add the backing and binding, but seeing it with the light behind it was pretty stunning, so now I am debating a sheer back so it continues to look like stained glass...

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