Wednesday, June 24, 2009

27 dresses

Today was day three (non-consecutive) of trying on wedding dresses. This time I took R's mom with me since my mom was back in B-town. First we tried the Jessica McClintock outlet, which had been recommended to me. Umm...not such a great idea. The dress selection was awful and there was no one around to help with anything. I only found one that would have even been reasonable to try on and after some more looking (and not finding) we decided it wasn't worth it even to try that one.

So we went to a place called "One Stop Bridal Shop" or something of the sort. They had some really beautiful dresses, but almost all of their sizes were WAY too small, so there was no real way to decide if it would look good on or not (and they weren't the type of store that would not have a variety of sizes in the same style). The clerk who was there was not helpful in the least.

The first two times I tried on dresses the ladies were in the room with me helping me put on and take off gowns. Initially I was bothered that I couldn't just try on a dress, but after having an experience where there was no help, I definitely appreciate the hands-on nature of Alfred Angelo and David's Bridal. After 7 or 8 unsuccessful try-ons at one-stop, it was time to leave.

So we decided we'd go to Alfred Angelo since I had found dresses I liked there before, but was in a foul mood before, so hopefully they would feel and look better this time around. We got there and the woman who helped me was awesome. She was friendly and knowledgable and really helpful. There was bride having a pure meltdown (and somewhat of a tantrum) when we got there and I kept thinking, "If it comes to tears over the train, send me home and send me to bed!"

I looked through the catalog and found a couple I had liked before but that weren't the right size the first time. She brought three dresses and it was good. We nixed the first one (well, I nixed it, technically) and then bounced around between the second and third. Then I tried a fourth and it was good too. It was nice to try on dresses that would zip and to work with someone who seemed genuinely interested in helping me find a dress I loved.

So, that was the good news. The other good news was that they are having a major sale on Friday and the dresses I liked will be $300 off. The bad news is....they are the top of the line styles, so they start out way more, so even the discounted price is more than I would like to pay.

So, yeah. It would be nice to make it to the nice designer outlet before Friday, but that's not gonna happen. So, I sort of have to bite the bullet and hope I find something comparable, or suck it up and pay for the one I like. For now, I will give you all voter's choice power. In no particular order, here are the three from today plus a couple others. Please choose a favorite (recognizing most are either a little small or a little big...which makes the top part pucker or bulge a little) :


johnsue said...

My advice? DO NOT get one Friday just b/c it's a chance at $300.oo off. You still have lots of time. On the other hand... many of these look really good on you and so one is as pretty as the next. (? BIG question mark!) If shopping is not fun or you're way too busy or tire too easily or.....then getting a dress sooner rather than later may be the way to go. I am not going to say which dress I like best (or least). Before Gma had said she didn't like the one with red stitching...I know Rick liked that one. Gma might like it if it wasn't bold red, but one of the other color choices. I could see it with sage stitching and your brides' maids in sage. Lots of choices!!! Aren't you lucky! xoxox

DogBlogger said...

Advice in brief from someone you've never met: I'd go with the second one, the fourth one, or, like the previous commenter said, waiting. I almost bought a dress I wasn't in love with, but waited for my trip to the big outlet 2.5 hours away from home and came back with something way more "me," and very much more in my price range.

Blessings to you in this whirlwind of a time in your life!

Elizabeth said...

Personally, I *love* dress number 3, with the red - very unique!